Baby On Board

Hope you're having a great weekend. The weather has been absolutely crazy. Windy and wild on Saturday and sunny and chilly on Sunday. Hungry husband and I managed to spend some quality time exploring our city - including two very cool stops at the ROM gift shop and the re-designed Club Monaco on Bloor Street (more on both next week). I also discovered Project Runway All Stars and if you know me, you'd know that the world stops when that show is on. I'm watching a marathon ... while folding laundry, cooking, doing my nails, blogging... I can't get enough of this show. So inspiring and creative. 

Anyway, I thought I'd shared a fun discovery from the world wide web. If you have kids, you'll appreciate this photo series. Parisian photographer Malo dressed up a little Bebe in different get-ups, like a doctor, a bull fighter to and a priest. The series is called, "One Day You Will Be My Child." Some pictures are slightly creepy and some are beyond adorable. Either way, a creative project that I'm sure you'll have an opinion on. 


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