Fire your stylist

Oh Laureen Harper! What in the world were you thinking when you decided to appear before national media wearing turquoise pants tucked into knee high boots topped with an all-terrain/all-weather jacket while taking a walk in a soon-to-be national park in the Northwest Territories? I understand it's tough to be in the spotlight and even tougher to appear immaculately dressed but let's talk about just being appropriately dressed for an occasion. Where was your style advisor, personal assistant, or heck, how about a mirror? Don't misunderstand. I think you usually look decent. Note: decent. As in, you look presentable and that's all we can really expect from you - I guess. But remember, you not only represent the "presentable" Canadians but you also represent and stand for the stylish & sophisticated. So don't let us down with these mishaps. Sure, we all get up in the morning and stare into our closets and think, "What the F am I going to wear today?" and yes, there are times when you want to make a statement and say, "I don't give a F what you think," but when these thoughts creep up, here is a small tip... go straight to Google and type, "Michelle Obama" and check out the impressive outfits that she dons. And, in case you're wondering, "what should I have worn instead of this appalling outfit?"... This is Michelle's answer...

Cool sneakers, dress shirts, scarves, jackets with fun details, belts... you get the point. I hope...! 

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